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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Conversion from Decimal to Octal Fractions

Octal fractions can be obtained in the same fashion as binary fractions by adopting the procedures developed for the case of binary fractions.

Example 10: Convert the octal fraction 0.352 to equivalent decimal fraction.

Solution: Using the basic definition of fractions, we get

(0.352)8 = 3 ´ 8–1 + 5 ´ 8–2 + 2 ´ 8–3    

Conversion of Decimal Fraction into Octal Fraction

Example 11: Convert the decimal number 83.44 into its equivalent to octal number.

Solution: The conversion is done as shown in Table 1.9, which is the combined integer-fraction table; integer part is towards the left and fractional part is towards right.  In the tabular form shown, we have divided the number into its integral and fractional parts.

From Table 1.9, we get the desired answer as

(83.5625)10 ≡ (123.44)8

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