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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Conversion of Decimal to Hexadecimal Numbers

Conversion of Decimal to Hexadecimal Numbers

Example 12: Convert decimal number 312 to its hexadecimal equivalent.

Solution: As in the previous cases, here also we prepare the decimal-hex conversion table, which is illustrated in Table 1.10. Inspection of the result given below proves that a larger decimal number is reduced to a smaller hex number; this fact points to the compact nature of hex numbers compared to decimal numbers.
From Table 1.10, we get

(312)10 ≡ (138)16­

Hexadecimal Fraction

Example 13: Convert decimal fraction 0.28125 into equivalent hexadecimal fraction.

Solution: Table 1.11 illustrates the desired conversion.

From Table 1.11, we get:

(0.28125)10 ยบ (0.48)16

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