Microwave and Radar Engineering


■ Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Microwaves

■ Rectangular and Circular Cavity Resonators

■ Klystron in Microwave Engineering

■ Velocity Modulation in Klystron Amplifier

■ Bunching Process in Microwave

Reflex Klystron and Magnetron Oscillators

■ Reflex Klystron Oscillator Theory

■ Magnetron Oscillator in Microwave Engineering

Travelling Wave Tube

■ Helical Slow Wave Structures

■ Convection Current Density Derivation

■ Axial Electric Field and Wave Modes in TWT

■ Travelling Wave Tube in Microwave Engineering

■ Microwave Measurements

Microwave Hybrid Circuits

■ Waveguides in Microwave Engineering

■ Scattering Matrix in Microwave Engineering

■ Waveguide Tees in Microwave

■ Magic Tee and Hybrid Ring S Matrix Derivation

■ Directional Coupler S Matrix Derivation 

Solid State Microwave Devices

■ Microwave Bipolar Transistor

■ Gunn Diode and Tunnel Diode

■ Tunnel Diode Working Principle

■ Gunn Diode | Advantages and Disadvantages

■ Horn Antenna - Working, Advantages and Applications

■ Block Diagram of Microwave Transmitter and Receiver

■ Microwave Link Repeater

Introduction to Radar Engineering:

■ Radar Block Diagram and Working Principle

■ Radar Equation Derivation

■ Pulsed Radar and its Comparison with CW Radar

■ Continuous Wave Radar Block Diagram

■ Continuous Wave Radar with non zero Intermediate Frequency

■ Moving Target Indicator Radar Block Diagram

■ Delay Line Canceller Block Diagram

■ Microwave Radar Transmitters and Receivers

■ Radar Modulator Block Diagram

■ Receiver Noise Figure Calculation

■ Radar Display Types

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