Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Electrodes, Sensors and Transducer:

■ Transducers and Sensors

■ Capacitive and Inductive Transducers

■ LVDT - Advantages and Disadvantages

Bioelectric Amplifiers:

■ Bioelectric Amplifiers Introduction

■ Isolation Amplifiers

■ Isolation Amplifiers using Optical Isolation

■ Chopper Stabilized Amplifier Principle

■ Input Guarding in Biomedical Instrumentation


■ Electrocardiogram of the Heart

■ ECG Measurement System

■ ECG Machine Block diagram and working

Instrumentation for measuring brain function:

■ Electroencephalography EEG, Electrode Placement System

■ Block Diagram of EEG Machine

■ Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of EEG

Intensive and Coronary care units:

■ Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Unit

■ Central Monitoring Console in ICU

Medical Ultrasonography

■ Ultrasound Transducer Working

■ Ultrasound Scan Modes

■ Ultrasonic Flow Meter Diagram

■ Ultrasonic Blood Pressure Measurement

■ Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrasonography

Modern Imaging Systems

■ X-Ray Tube Working Principle

■ Block Diagram of X-ray Machine

■ Computerized Axial Tomography How it Works

■ Advantages and Disadvantages of CT Scan

■ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan Test

■ Applications and Advantages of MRI over CT Scan

■ Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan

Electromagnetic Interference to Medical Equipments

■ Electromagnetic Interference - types, sources, causes, effects

■ How does EMI affect the bio-medical sensors

■ Source Shielding and Receiver Shielding

Physiological Pressure Measurements:

■ Systolic Pressure and Diastolic Pressure

■ Measurement of Blood Pressure

■ Non Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement

■ Pacing modes of Pacemaker

■ Block Diagram of Pacemaker System

■ Different Types of Defibrillators

■ Defibrillator Working Principle

■ Electromagnetic Blood Flow Meter and its Advantages

Human Respiratory System and its Measurement:

■ Human Respiratory System - functions, parts and parameters

■ Spirometer Working Principle

■ Respiratory Therapy Equipments

■ Types of Ventilator Modes

■ Microprocessor based Ventilators

■ Impedance pneumography


■ Bioinformatics and its Applications

■ Protein Sequence Database Examples

■ Secondary Databases in Bioinformatics

■ Genome Information Resources

■ Specialized Genomic Resources (Boutique Database)

■ DNA Sequence Analysis in Bioinformatics

■ Dot Plot Sequence Alignment

■ Local Alignment and Global Alignment in Bioinformatics

■ Multiple Sequence Alignment Definition

■ Multiple Sequence Alignment Methods

■ What is PSI-BLAST

■ Secondary Database Searching & Hidden Markov Model

Biotelemetry system:

■ Biotelemetry Applications and Advantages

■ Block Diagram of Biotelemetry system

■ Single Channel Telemetry System

■ FDM and TDM Multiplexing

■ Implantable Telemetry System

Therapeutic and medical laboratory equipment:

■ Heart Lung Machine Block Diagram

■ Renal System Physiology

■ Hemodialysis Machine Block Diagram

■ Colorimeter Diagram

■ Diathermy - Types and Application


■ EMG Block Diagram Explanation

■ Micro and Macro Shock Hazards

To be continued...

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