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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Biotelemetry Applications and Advantages

Biotelemetry Introduction : 

Biotelemetry is the calculation of biological parameters over a distance. As it were, bio-telemetry is the electrical technique for passing biological information from a living being to an area where this information can be watched and recorded. Bio-telemetry includes some kind of modulation of a radio frequency carrier and is regularly referred to as radio telemetry.

Biotelemetry Applications:

1. Applications of telemetry in patient care such as telemetry of ECGs from comprehensive coronary concern patients, telemetry of ECG dimensions during use.
2. Collection of therapeutic information from a house or office.
3. Biotelemetry for space living science study.
4. Research of unanesthized flora and fauna in their natural habitat.
5. In some ambulances, two-way voice transmission is also used to make the physician identify the tele-metered information and to provide instructions for treatment.
6. Future applications may involve bio-transceivers which collect data from an implanted bio-telemeter and send commands to it according to the data received.
7. The continuing researches in integrated circuit fabrications can reduce the size of the biotelemetry system in near future which will be highly applicable in many fields.

Biotelemetry Advantages (Uses):

1. The most important advantages of telemetry systems are the reduction of physiological effects on the information source and the reduction of measuring artifacts (movement errors)
2. Another advantage of biotelemetry systems is that time of measurement can be saved. This is because bio-telemetry helps us to record the bio signals over long periods and it can be done while the patient is engaged in his normal ctivities.
3. Without attending the patient, the physician can direct the nurses with proper medicines. It is highly advantageous during the time when the patient is in ambulance under abnormal conditions.
4. Patient can be in a comfortable situation at his room or office while the measurements are taken.
5. The bio-metered signal can be used as a reference by the physician concerned for future analysis.
6. For recording on animals biometry is greatly used. It is highly helpful in measuring the physiological variables of wild animals etc.
7. There is a potential reduction of total cost of patient care.

Biotelemetry Disadvantages (Limitations):

1. In some cases the movement of the patient is limited.
2. If the patient moves beyond the range of the system, the measurements cannot be transmitted effectively.
3. Atmospheric conditions can affect the transmission of tele-metered signals.
4. In the case of implantable biotelemetry systems, the range of the signal is affected by the body fluids and skin.
5. The efficiency of biotelemetry system depends on the power source.

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