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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Isolation Amplifiers using Optical Isolation

Normally we use optical isolation barrier in order to reduce the effect of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) as the optical fibers are not susceptible to EMI.  In Isolation amplifier using Optical isolation, the transducer converts the physiological information into electrical form which is amplified by the isolation amplifier. The amplified output is applied to a voltage to frequency converter. It is done because after voltage to frequency conversion the signals will be in digital form which is ideal for optical transmission. The FOT (Fiber Optic Transmitter) transmits the signal through the optical fiber cable which can provide a high degree of isolation. At the receiving end, the signal is received by a FOR (Fiber Optic Receiver) which feeds the signal to FVC (Frequency to Voltage Converter) to get the original signal.

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