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Electrical and Electronic Materials

Classification of Materials

1. Classification of Materials based on Energy Band Diagram
2. Energy Level and Energy Band
3. Atomic Structure of Elements

Low Resistive Conducting Materials

1. Properties of Conducting Materials
2. Alloys of Copper and their Uses
3. Properties of Annealed Copper
4. Materials used for Busbar, Winding Wires
5. Properties of Aluminium and ACSR Conductor
6. Comparison between Copper and Aluminium Conductor
7. Stranding of Conductors

High Resistive Conducting Materials

1. Properties and Uses of High Resistivity Materials
2. Bimetal Relay and Thermocouples Working Principle
3. Classification of High Resistivity Materials based on uses
4. Carbon - Properties and Uses
5. Materials used for Lamp Filament
6. Applications of Superconductors

Magnetic and Insulating Materials

1. Hysteresis Loop of Magnetic Material
2. Classification of Magnetic Materials
3. Curie Point | Magnetostriction in Ferromagnetic Material
4. Magnetic Materials for Electrical Machines
5. Grain Oriented Steel Sheet
6. Soft Magnetic Materials Examples
7. Hard Magnetic Materials Examples
8. Ferrite Cores - Properties and Applications

General Properties of Insulating Materials

1. General Properties of Insulating Materials
2. Electrical Properties of Insulators
3. Factors affecting Dielectric - Constant, Strength and Loss
4. Mechanical Properties of Insulating Materials
5. Thermal Properties of Insulating Materials
6. Chemical Properties of Insulating Materials

Common Insulating Materials

1. Common Insulating Materials used in Electrical Apparatus
2. Timber and Wood Insulating Materials
3. Types of Paper Insulation Materials
4. Asbestos Insulating Material
5. Wire Insulation using Varnish
6. Dielectric Insulator Material

Special Insulating Materials

1. Classification of Rubber Materials
2. Classification of Thermoplastic
3. Classification of Thermosetting Plastics
4. Classification of Ceramic Materials
5. Mica and Mica Products
6. Refractory Materials Examples
7. Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Poles
8. Properties and Applications of Varnishes and Enamels

Classification of Semi Conductor Materials

1. Energy Band in Solids
2. Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Semiconductors
3. Properties of N type and P type Semi Conductors
4. Resistivity of Semiconductor
5. P-N Junction Forward Bias and Reverse Bias

Applications of Semiconductors

1. Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Semiconductor
2. Formation of PN Junction Diode
3. Metal Semiconductor Rectifiers
4. Thermistor vs Varistor
5. Photovoltaic cell and its Application
6. PNP and NPN Junction Transistor

To be Continued ........
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