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Microwave and Radar Engineering


Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Microwaves
Rectangular and Circular Cavity Resonators
Klystron in Microwave Engineering
Velocity Modulation in Klystron Amplifier
Bunching Process in Microwave

Reflex Klystron and Magnetron Oscillators

Reflex Klystron Oscillator Theory
Magnetron Oscillator in Microwave Engineering

Travelling Wave Tube

Helical Slow Wave Structures
Convection Current Density Derivation
Axial Electric Field and Wave Modes in TWT
Travelling Wave Tube in Microwave Engineering
Microwave Measurements

Microwave Hybrid Circuits

Waveguides in Microwave Engineering
Scattering Matrix in Microwave Engineering
Waveguide Tees in Microwave
Magic Tee and Hybrid Ring S Matrix Derivation
Directional Coupler S Matrix Derivation 

Solid State Microwave Devices

Microwave Bipolar Transistor
Gunn Diode and Tunnel Diode
Tunnel Diode Working Principle
Gunn Diode | Advantages and Disadvantages
Horn Antenna - Working, Advantages and Applications
Block Diagram of Microwave Transmitter and Receiver
Microwave Link Repeater

Introduction to Radar Engineering:

Radar Block Diagram and Working Principle
Radar Equation Derivation
Pulsed Radar and its Comparison with CW Radar
Continuous Wave Radar Block Diagram
Continuous Wave Radar with non zero Intermediate Frequency
Moving Target Indicator Radar Block Diagram
Delay Line Canceller Block Diagram
Microwave Radar Transmitters and Receivers
Radar Modulator Block Diagram
Receiver Noise Figure Calculation
Radar Display Types