Types of Reality in Metaverse Technology

Types of Reality in Metaverse Technology

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an imaginary world that can be experienced like the real world. Here, with the help of software, it seems that there is a world that does not exist physically. It is one of the underlying technologies for the Metaverse. Virtual reality can be created as a replica of the real world or completely different from it. This experience is created with the help of devices like virtual reality headsets. It's just that we're in a fantasy world here. Through virtual reality devices, it is possible to enter, walk around and interact with the artificial world. Virtual reality is widely used in video games. It is also used to hold virtual meetings in business. Virtual reality is also being used for astronaut training. The experience inside the spacecraft is created using virtual reality headsets and motion controllers. This reduces the cost and risk.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the projection of 3D graphics to the place where we are standing and increasing the reality. The real world and the digital world join hands here. For example, imagine that Russia is launching a missile attack on Ukraine in the TV News. We can experience the news more realistically when the newsreader says this while graphically creating missiles and fighter jets and standing in the middle of it. This is the possibility of Augmented Reality. While in virtual reality we are in a completely imaginary world, here we are in the real world.

Mixed Reality

What would virtual reality and augmented reality look like? That is, the state where the imaginary world and reality come together. This is Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality provides an opportunity to simultaneously interact with real-world objects created by Augmented Reality and virtual objects created by Virtual Reality. The combination of these two creates a new experience in the digital environment. Mixed reality has many uses. It is used in education, design, entertainment industry, military training and work from home jobs for companies. Mixed Reality offers huge possibilities in the field of education. It is helpful in facilitating the study of science subjects etc. which have to be studied through experiments. How about witnessing wars firsthand while studying history? Just create computer models of it through Mixed Reality. Medical students and others can create realistic three-dimensional models of body parts. Many games based on Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are super hit today. An example of this is the Pokemon GO game based on Augmented Reality.

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