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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Asbestos Insulating Material

Asbestos Insulating Materials are explained below.

Chrysotile Asbestos :
Chrysotile Asbestos
It is highly hygroscopic and contains about 14% of moisture at room temperature. It possess high dielectric loss and low dielectric strength. It is inferior to impregnated paper and mica from electrical point of view, and due to this reason it is never used in high voltage applications. Its specific gravity is 2.0 to 2.8.  

Amphibole Asbestos :

Amphibole asbestos is also highly hygroscopic and possesses poor electrical properties. It has good tensile strength. It does not lend itseif to easy spinning became the fibres are either too softer, or too hard and brittle.

Asbestos are used in low voltage work as insulation in the form of rope, tape, cloth and board. For these purposes asbestos is properly impregnated with a liquid or solid like resin. Proper impregnation improves the mechanical and electrical properties. It is used as insulation in wires and cables under high temperature conditions, in coil winding and in end-turn insulation in motors and generators, as conductor insulation and layer insulation in transformers. It is also used for covering on wire for electric heating devices, ovens, electric irons etc., and as an arcing barrier in switches and circuit breakers.

Industrial Asbestos Products :

Asbestos Paper and Board :

Asbestos paper is used as wrapper, insulation in transformer wires and cables. It can be further reinforced with cotton or synthetic fibers or glass. Asbestos board is a mixture of asbestos fibre and cement in the ratio of 1 : 4. It possesses good mechanical strength, high thermal stability and excellent resistance to electrical arcing and handling. It is used in switch panel construction and in arcing devices.

Asbestos Tapes :

Asbestos tapes are the product of woven asbestos yarn and then it is varnished or resin impregnated. It is used for equipment to work at temperature higher than those recommended for Class 'A' insulation i.e., above 105°C

Woven Asbestos Cloth :

Out of the asbestos yarn is woven asbestos cloth. It is used in moulded and laminated structures for electrical and mechanical purposes.

Asbestos Cement :

It is made by mixing 80% of cement with 20% of asbestos fibre. It has a good mechanical strength and high thermal stability. Since cement is hygroscopic, it is available in impregnated form and is used for panel board construction etc.

Asbestos Roving :

Chrysotile asbestos fibres reinforced with cotton or synthetic organic fibres make asbestos roving. It is used in insulation of cables and conductors and in heating devices.

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