Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments

Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments

Electronic Measurement

■ Units and Measurements in Instrumentation

■ Rules for Writing Symbols of Units

■ Standards for Measurement

■ Terminologies used in Measurement


■ Multimeter Introduction

■ Sensitivity of Ammeter with Formula

■ Extension of Range of Ammeter

■ Multi Range Ammeter with Circuit

■ Voltmeter | Multi Range Voltmeter

■ Rectifier type of Instrument

■ Rectifier Type Ammeter

■ Rectifier Type Voltmeter

■ Series Type Ohmmeter and Shunt Type Ohmmeter

■ Multi-Meter – Specifications, Diagram and Working

■ Electronic Test Meters

■ Advantages of Electronic Voltmeter

■ Electronic Voltmeter using FET

■ Electronic Voltmeter Using Transistor - FET and BJT

■ Measurement of Alternating Current and Voltage

■ Digital Voltmeter - Advantages, Features, Principle

■ Single Slope (RAMP) Converter

■ Dual Slope Converter Type of DVM

■ Successive Approximation Type Digital Voltmeter

■ Specifications of Digital Multimeter

■ Digital Panel Meter with Block Diagram

■ Digital Multimeter Block Diagram Explanation

■ Probes for Multimeter

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

■ Cathode Ray Oscilloscope with Block Diagram

■ Cathode Ray Tube Construction and Working

■ Electrostatic Focusing in CRT

■ Electrostatic Deflection in CRT

■ Beam Transit Time and Deflection Plates in CRT

■ Fluorescent Screen in CRT

■ Vertical Deflection System in CRO

■ Input Attenuator in CRO

■ Vertical Amplifier with Block Diagram

■ Delay Line in CRO

■ Types of Delay Line in CRO

■ Horizontal Deflection System in CRO

■ Triggered Sweep in CRO

■ CRO Synchronization

■ Horizontal Amplifier Block Diagram

■ Different Types of CRO Probes

■ Dual Trace CRO Working and Block Diagram

■ Dual Beam Oscilloscope Block Diagram

■ Storage Oscilloscope Notes

■ Working Principle of Sampling Oscilloscope

■ Advantages of Digital Storage Oscilloscope

■ Specifications of CRO and their Significance

■ CRO and its Applications

■ CRO Front Panel Controls

■ Procedure for Operation of CRO

■ Deflection Sensitivity of CRT

■ Measurement of Voltage and Current using CRO

■ Measurement of Frequency using CRO

■ Measurement of Phase using CRO

Power Meters

■ Audio Frequency Power Meter

■ RF Power Measurement using Thermocouple Instrument

■ Bolometer Method of Power Measurement

AC Millivoltmeter

■ AC Millivoltmeter Block Diagram

■ Rectifier Amplifier Type AC Millivoltmeter

Signal Generators

■ Signal Conditioners in Instrumentation

■ Audio Frequency Oscillator Working

■ AM Signal Generator

■ Alignment of Radio Receiver

■ AM/FM Signal Generator Block Diagram and Working

■ Function Generator Block Diagram Explanation

■ Pulse Generator Block Diagram and Explanation

■ Amplitude, Frequency and Phase Distortion

■ Measurement of Distortion


■ Bridges in Electronic Instrumentation

■ Wheatstone Bridge Design and Working

■ Maxwell Bridge, Advantages and Disadvantages

■ Hay Bridge Derivation

■ Measurement of Inductance

■ Schering Bridge with Formula

■ Wien Bridge and Resonance Bridge

■ Universal Impedance Bridge

■ Errors and Precautions in Using Bridge Circuits

■ Wagner Ground Connection

■ Digital LCR Meter Block Diagram and Working

■ Q Meter Block Diagram and Working


■ Open Loop and Closed Loop Control System

■ Examples of Open Loop and Closed Loop Control System

■ Manually Controlled Closed Loop System

■ Automatic Room Temperature Control

■ Comparison between Open and Closed Loop Control System

■ Data Acquisition System with Block Diagram

■ Classification, Elements, Configuration of Data Acquisition System

■ Signal Conditioning Methods

■ Single Channel Data Acquisition System

■ Multi Channel Data Acquisition System

■ Analog and Digital Data Acquisition Systems

Power Supplies

■ Power Supplies Introduction

■ Power Supply Characteristics

■ Regulated Power Supply Specifications

■ Load Regulation Formula

■ Testing of Regulated Power Supply

■ Transistor Series Voltage Regulator Theory

■ Transistor Shunt Voltage Regulator Working

■ Regulated Power Supply with Short Circuit Protection

■ Universal Counter Block Diagram

■ Frequency and Period Measurement using Universal Counter

Data Recorders

■ Data Recorders Introduction

■ Galvanometric Recorders

■ Potentiometric Recorder

■ Strip Chart Recorder with Block Diagram

■ Circular Chart Recorder with Diagram

■ XY Recorder Block Diagram & Working

■ Tape Recorder Working Principle

■ Parameters in Magnetic Recording on Tape

■ Methods of Recording in Instrumentation

■ B-H Curve for Magnetic Material

■ FM Recording Block Diagram and Working

■ Digital Data Recording System

Digital Controller System

■ Digital Process Controller

■ Digital Processing

■ Direct Digital Control Block Diagram

■ Computer Supervisory Control System

Spectrum Analyzer and Logical Analyzer

■ Spectrum Analyzer Block Diagram

■ Logic Analyzer Block Diagram

To be continued...

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