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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Advantages of Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Digital Storage Oscilloscope:

A digital storage oscilloscope stores the image in a digital memory. Before the storage the waveform will be digitized. The stored waveform will be repeatedly displayed, by retrieving the waveform from the memory. A conventional oscilloscope can be used for this purpose. 

Advantages of Digital Storage Oscilloscope:

1. The cost of the digital storage oscilloscope is less.
2. We have store the 15 wave form in internal memory.
3. The stored wave form can be used for display for any large period by providing power only to the memory.
4. It stores the signal in digital form so prevents degradation.
5. Triggering
6. Storage of more than one wave form can be made.
7. Easy to Use
8. Peak detection
9. The quality of the image will be better than that of the storage tube type of storage oscilloscope.
10. Also slow traces like the temperature change in a day would be recorded.
11. Writing speeds as are obtained by conventional C.R tubes can be obtained in digital storage C.R.O.s.
12. Allows for automation


The following are the disadvantages of storage cathode ray tube:

1. It can store the image only for a definite time. After that time period the image will be lost.
2. Supply to the C.R. tube must be present for the period of storage.
3. The trace produced is not as sharp as is produced by conventional C.R.tubes.
4. The writing speed is less compared to conventional C.R. tubes.
5. One image only can be stored in storage C.R. tube.
6. The cost of the storage C.R. tube is more.

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