Dual Beam Oscilloscope Block Diagram

Dual Beam Oscilloscope Block Diagram Explanation:

The Dual Beam cathode ray oscilloscope is a specially made CRO. Two types of CR Tubes are used. In one tube the electron gun assembly produces a single beam which is mechanically split into two separate beams. In the other two completely separate electron beams are produced. There are two vertical deflecting plates (two sets of plates, one for each beam). The horizontal plates are common for the two beams.
block diagram of dual beam cro

It can be seen from the block diagram shown above in Figure that the trigger circuit, sweep generator and horizontal amplifier are common for the two beams. Two vertical pre-amplifiers drive two main vertical amplifiers. Individual delay lines are provided. The outputs of the main vertical amplifiers are connected to the vertical deflecting plates. Internal triggering can be done taking the signal from either of the vertical pre-amplifiers. External and Line triggering modes are as usual present.

Dual beam oscilloscopes are used whenever patterns of interrelated waveforms are to be displayed. It is suitable for the display of different input signals. This is an ideal oscilloscope. However its cost is more than the single beam or dual trace types.

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