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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Strip Chart Recorder with Block Diagram

The block diagram of a strip chart recorder is shown in Figure. The data will be recorded on a roll of chart paper. The paper continuously moves at a constant speed.

block diagram of strip chart recorder

The basic components of a strip chart recorder are:

1. Stylus [pen]: to mark on the paper
2. The stylus driving system
3. Chart paper drive system
4. Chart paper speed selector.

Generally a pointer will be attached to the stylus. This permits measurement of instantaneous value of the quantity under measurement directly on a calibrated scale.

A servo feedback system will be used to see that the displacement of the pen over the paper tracks the input voltage in the desired frequency range.

Commonly potentiometer system will be used to measure the position of the stylus. The uniform movement of the chart paper will be controlled by a stepper motor. The following data recording techniques are used:

1. Pen and Ink stylus
2. Impact printing
3. Thermal writing
4.  Electric writing
5. Optical writing

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