Automatic Room Temperature Control

Automatic Room Temperature Control:

A closed loop automatic control system for the temperature control in a room or enclosure is shown in Figure. The system is the required temperature. The input of the system is the required temperature. The output of the system is constancy of temperature or zero change in temperature.

Automatic Room Temperature Control System

The temperature in the room can be sensed by a sensor placed in the room. The sensor produces a signal that is proportional to the temperature change inside the room.

The signal is compared with the desired temperature and the error is produced. The error is detected by a controller that changes the heating time of the heaters. Thus the controller regulates the temperature. Therefore the temperature inside the room will be steady. Always the temperature of the room is compared with desired temperature. Therefore changes in temperature are sent to the comparator through the feed back path. Hence the input is influenced by the output and disturbances through the feedback path. 

Advantages of Automatic Room Temperature Control:

The following are the advantages of automatic control system:

1. Human errors are avoided.
2. Precession, accuracy and high efficiency are obtainable.
3. Automatic control system is economical.

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