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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of CT Scan

Advantages of CT Scan:

1. The main advantage of CAT is that it completely eliminates the superposition of images of interest.
2. Because of the high contrast resolution of CT, differences between tissues can be distinguished.
3. Images in the axial coronal planes can be done which is known as multiplanar imaging.
4. The improved resolution of CAT has led to deep researches on body parts. CT is considered as the popular high resolution imaging technique.

Disadvantages and challenges with CT Scan: 

1. During CAT procedure, many patients may experience severe allergic reactions .
2. The contrast agents used in CAT system can lead to chronic problems such as kidney damage.
3. The main issue with CAT is to reduce the radiation dose during the procedure. But as it may affect the image quality usually we have to use high radiation doses which can affect the patient.
4. In CAT as radiation dose increases the risk of radiation induced cancer may also increase,

Applications of CT Scan:

1. CT scanning of head is used to detect conditions such as blood clot or bleeding within the brain stroke, brain tumors, malformations of skull etc.
2. CAT of head can be used to plan radiation therapy for cancer of brain.
3. It can be used to detect chronic changes in the internal parts of lungs.
4. Imaging of coronary arteries can be done with the help of high speed high resolution multi-slice CT.
5. Diagnosis of abdominal diseases can be used to determine the different stages of cancer.
6. Another advantage of CT is that it can be used to image highly complex fractures. It is because of its ability to reconstruct the area of interest in multiple planes.
7. CT angiography of chest is becoming a primary method for detecting aortic dissection.

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