Specialized Genomic Resources (Boutique Database)


The purpose of specialized resources is to focus on species - species genomics and to particular sequencing techniques. The particular aim of such a data base is the integrated view of a particular biological system.

a) UniGene
* The collection represents genes from many organisms and each cluster relating to a unique gene and including related information corresponding to the gene.
* A valuable role of UniGene is in gene discovery.
* UniGene is also used for gene mapping projects and large scale gene expression analysis.

b)TDB — The TIGR Database

* These databases containing DNA and protein sequence, gene expression, protein family information etc.
* Also the data such as taxonomic range of plants and humans, role of cellular components are also present.

c) SGD (Saccharomyces Genome Database)

* SGD is an online data resource which contain information on the molecular biology and genetics of S.cerevisiae (Budding yeast).
* This data base provides internet access to the genome, its genes and their products etc.
* SGD helps the research field by uniting together functions to perform sequence similarity search tools.
 * The illustration of genetic maps using dynamically created graphical displays make the data base user friendly.

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