Genome Information Resources

Genome Information Resources

DNA Sequence databases :

a) EMBL 

The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Databases in bioinformatics is a comprehensive database of DNA and RNA sequences collected from the scientific literature and scientific applications. Also data are directly submitted from researchers and genome sequencing groups. It is the nucleotide sequence database from the European Bio-informatics Institute. The database is produced in collaboration with DDBJ(DNA Databank of Japan) and Gen Sank (USA). These groups collect a portion of total sequence data reported worldwide all new and updated entries are then exchanged between the groups. Information can be retrieved from EMBL using sequence retrieval system (SRS).
The rate of growth of DNA database is highly exponential. Normally the size of database almost doubles during a period of one year.

b) DDBJ (DNA Databank of Japan) 

DDBJ is the DNA Data Bank of Japan. It is the sole nucleotide sequence databank in Asia which is officially certified to collect, nucleotide sequences from researchers and to issue the internationally recognized accession numbers to data submitters. The primary purpose of DDBJ operations is to improve the quality of IRIS the International Nucleotide Sequence Database. It acts as collaboration with EMBL and Gen Bank. Here also data is produced, maintained and distributed at the national institute of Genetics. With the help of internet based data submission tools, sequences are collected worldwide.

c) GenBank (Genetic Sequence Databank)

Gen Bank is another DNA database and it incorporates sequences from publicly available sources. It is a database from the national center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). It is one of the fastest growing store houses of known genetic sequences. It has a flat file structure that is an ASCII text file, readable by both humans and computers. Gen Bank database is having big size and hence Gen Bank is split into smaller discrete divisions. A Gen Bank release includes the sequence files and information derived from the database Since the Gen Bank database is split into smaller discrete divisions, fast and specific searches are possible. In addition to sequence data, Gen Bank files contain information like accession numbers and gene names, references to the published literature etc. Usually a Gen Bank includes the sequence files and the information derived from the database. Another feature of Gen bank is that it can be searched with user query sequences.

d) GSDB (Genome Sequence Data Base):  

It is produced by the National Center for Genome Resources at New Mexico. A complete collection of DNA sequences and information related to it is created, maintained and distributed by this data base. Also data are collected from producers and a quality check is done before distribution. The database is easily accessible via internet.

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