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Monday, 28 April 2014

Audio and Video Systems

Audio Systems: An audio system is a system which involves an audio signal. In other words, Audio Systems “process” sound. The examples of audio systems/equipment/components are: Radio,Tape Recorder/Player/Stereo, Microphone, Loud Speaker and Telephone.

Video Systems: A Video system is a system which involves a video signal. In other words, video system “process” light i.e., picture. The examples of video systems/equipment/components are : the picture tubes which are used in television, VCO, VCR, etc. Camera is also a video system.

Audio Video System: An Audio/ Video system is that which simultaneously process sound as well as picture signals. The examples of AV Systems are:

(a) Human AV systems: Human AV systems compresses of two ears and two eyes.
(b) Man Made AV systems: Television, VCP, VCR, Cinema Projector, Radar, Picture Telephone

Importance of AV systems: Everybody know the importance of Radio, Tape Recorder, Telephone, TV, VCR etc. These have been the necessity of every home now.

Now AV Systems have very much entered also in the field of education. Video cassettes have been prepared and these are displayed in “Video Schools”. Lectures of eminent professors/ educationists are prepared on all subjects and same can be viewed on TV at home. There is no need to join computer classes. All computer languages can be learnt just sitting in the bedroom and watching a TV.

Now it has become a fashion to prepare video films on all occasions. It may be a birthday party, or a funeral procession, we can keep our memories afresh everytime. In old age, we can see our childhood.
AV systems have entered also in the world of crime. Video cameras can be installed in any place or house. All activities of smuggling/ killings can be recorded on a video. The same can be presented in the courts as a witness. How a criminal will deny!

Now in medicinal sciences, say a patient is being operated upon in the operation theatre. A video cassette can be prepared of the same and patient can see at any time later on. Further by using close circuit TV. The relatives of the patient sitting outside can see what is happening inside the operation theatre.

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