Electronic Instrumentation

Electronic Measurement

Units and Measurements in Instrumentation
Rules for Writing Symbols of Units
Standards for Measurement
Terminologies used in Measurement


Multimeter Introduction
Sensitivity of Ammeter with Formula
Extension of Range of Ammeter
Multi Range Ammeter with Circuit
Voltmeter | Multi Range Voltmeter
Rectifier type of Instrument
Rectifier Type Ammeter
Rectifier Type Voltmeter
Series Type Ohmmeter and Shunt Type Ohmmeter
Multi-Meter – Specifications, Diagram and Working
Electronic Test Meters
Advantages of Electronic Voltmeter
Electronic Voltmeter using FET
Electronic Voltmeter Using Transistor - FET and BJT
Measurement of Alternating Current and Voltage
Digital Voltmeter - Advantages, Features, Principle
Single Slope (RAMP) Converter
Dual Slope Converter Type of DVM
Successive Approximation Type Digital Voltmeter
Specifications of Digital Multimeter
Digital Panel Meter with Block Diagram
Digital Multimeter Block Diagram Explanation
Probes for Multimeter

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope with Block Diagram
Cathode Ray Tube Construction and Working
Electrostatic Focusing in CRT
Electrostatic Deflection in CRT
Beam Transit Time and Deflection Plates in CRT
Fluorescent Screen in CRT
Vertical Deflection System in CRO
Input Attenuator in CRO
Vertical Amplifier with Block Diagram
Delay Line in CRO
Types of Delay Line in CRO
Horizontal Deflection System in CRO
Triggered Sweep in CRO
CRO Synchronization
Horizontal Amplifier Block Diagram
Different Types of CRO Probes
Dual Trace CRO Working and Block Diagram
Dual Beam Oscilloscope Block Diagram
Storage Oscilloscope Notes
Working Principle of Sampling Oscilloscope
Advantages of Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Specifications of CRO and their Significance
CRO and its Applications
CRO Front Panel Controls
Procedure for Operation of CRO
Deflection Sensitivity of CRT
Measurement of Voltage and Current using CRO
Measurement of Frequency using CRO
Measurement of Phase using CRO

Power Meters

Audio Frequency Power Meter
RF Power Measurement using Thermocouple Instrument
Bolometer Method of Power Measurement

Signal Conditioners

Signal Conditioners in Instrumentation
AM Signal Generator
Spectrum Analyzer Block Diagram
Logic Analyser Block Diagram


Bridges in Electronic Instrumentation
Wheatstone Bridge Design and Working
Maxwell Bridge, Advantages and Disadvantages
Measurement of Inductance


Open Loop and Closed Loop Control System
Examples of Open Loop and Closed Loop Control System
Manually Controlled Closed Loop System
Automatic Room Temperature Control
Comparison between Open and Closed Loop Control System
Data Acquisition System with Block Diagram
Classification, Elements, Configuration of Data Acquisition System
Signal Conditioning Methods
Single Channel Data Acquisition System
Multi Channel Data Acquisition System
Analog and Digital Data Acquisition Systems

Power Supplies

Power Supplies Introduction
Power Supply Characteristics
Regulated Power Supply Specifications
Load Regulation Formula
Transistor Series Voltage Regulator Theory
Transistor Shunt Voltage Regulator Working
Regulated Power Supply with Short Circuit Protection

Data Recorders

Data Recorders Introduction
Galvanometric Recorders
Potentiometric Recorder
Strip Chart Recorder with Block Diagram
Circular Chart Recorder with Diagram
XY Recorder Block Diagram & Working
Digital Data Recording System

Digital Controller System

Digital Process Controller
Digital Processing
Direct Digital Control Block Diagram
Computer Supervisory Control System

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