Digital Electronics

Chapter 1:

Content Under Creation

Chapter 2:

Logic Reduction

2.01 Logic Reduction Introduction

Chapter 3:

Logic Families

3.01 Logic Gate Families Introduction
3.02 The Diode - Logic AND Gate
3.03 The Diode-Transistor Logic GateLogic
3.04 The Transistor-Transistor Logic Family
3.05 Working Principle of the Two-Input TTL NAND Gate
3.06 Totem Pole Output Configuration TTL
3.07 Input-Output Characteristics of a TTL Inverter
3.08 Noise Margin and Noise Immunity in logic families
3.09 Current Sourcing and Current Sinking in TTL
3.10 Open Collector TTL NAND Gate
3.11 Tri-State Logic Gate and Application of Tri State Buffer
3.21 CMOS Transistor Logic Gates
3.22 Complex CMOS Logic Gates
To be Continued....

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