Biomedical Instrumentation

The Human Body – Overview:

The Cell
The Cell Membrane- concept of semi-permeabiliy

Electrodes, Sensors and Transducer:

Electrodes in Biomedical Instrumentation
Transducers and Sensors
Capacitive and Inductive Transducers
LVDT - Advantages and Disadvantages

Bioelectric Amplifiers:

Bioelectric Amplifiers Introduction
Isolation Amplifiers
Isolation Amplifiers using Optical Isolation


Electrocardiogram of the Heart

Instrumentation for measuring brain function:

Electroencephalography EEG, Electrode Placement System
Block Diagram of EEG Machine
Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of EEG

Intensive and Coronary care units:

Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Unit
Central Monitoring Console in ICU

Physiological Pressure Measurements:

Systolic Pressure and Diastolic Pressure
Non Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement
Pacing modes of Pacemaker
Block Diagram of Pacemaker System

Human Respiratory System and its Measurement:

Human Respiratory System - functions, parts and parameters
Spirometer Working Principle
Respiratory Therapy Equipments
Types of Ventilator Modes
Microprocessor based Ventilators
Impedance pneumography


Bioinformatics and its Applications
Protein Sequence Database Examples
Secondary Databases in Bioinformatics
Genome Information Resources
Specialized Genomic Resources (Boutique Database)
DNA Sequence Analysis in Bioinformatics
Dot Plot Sequence Alignment
Local Alignment and Global Alignment in Bioinformatics
Multiple Sequence Alignment Definition
Multiple Sequence Alignment Methods
Secondary Database Searching & Hidden Markov Model

Biotelemetry system:

Biotelemetry Applications and Advantages
Block Diagram of Biotelemetry system
Single Channel Telemetry System
FDM and TDM Multiplexing
Implantable Telemetry System

Therapeutic and medical laboratory equipments:

Heart Lung Machine Block Diagram
Renal System Physiology
Hemodialysis Machine Block Diagram
Colorimeter Diagram
Diathermy - Types and Application


EMG Block Diagram Explanation
Micro and Macro Shock Hazards

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