Biomedical Instrumentation

The Human Body – Overview:

The Cell
The cell membrane- concept of semi-permeabiliy

Electrodes, Sensors and Transducer:

Electrodes in Biomedical Instrumentation
Transducers and Sensors
Capacitive and Inductive Transducers
LVDT - Advantages and Disadvantages

Bioelectric Amplifiers:

Bioelectric Amplifiers Introduction
Isolation Amplifiers
Isolation Amplifiers using Optical Isolation


Electrocardiogram of the Heart

Physiological Pressure Measurements:

Systolic Pressure and Diastolic Pressure
Non Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement
Pacing modes of Pacemaker
Block Diagram of Pacemaker System

Human Respiratory System and its Measurement:

Human Respiratory System - functions, parts and parameters
Spirometer Working Principle
Respiratory Therapy Equipments
Types of Ventilator Modes
Microprocessor based Ventilators
Impedance pneumography


Applications of Bioinformatics

Biotelemetry system:

Biotelemetry Applications and Advantages
Block Diagram of Biotelemetry system
Single Channel Telemetry System
FDM and TDM Multiplexing
Implantable Telemetry System

Therapeutic and medical laboratory equipments:

Heart Lung Machine Block Diagram
Renal System Physiology
Hemodialysis Machine Block Diagram
Colorimeter Diagram
Diathermy - Types and Application


EMG Block Diagram Explanation
Micro and Macro Shock Hazards

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