Circular Chart Recorder with Diagram

  • It is clear from the name itself, that this recorder uses a circular medium for recording. A flat circular chart will be used for recording data in this recorder. The assembly of circular chart recorder is shown in Figure.
    circular chart recorder diagram
    The following are the component parts of this recorder:

    1. Measuring element
    2. Pen Lift
    3. Pen Mounting
    4. Base End
    5. Chart Hub
    6. Case
    7. Chart Drive
    8. Chart Plate
    9. Door
    10. Recording Pen 'V' Type
    11. Time Indicator
    12. Pen Arm
    13. Operating mechanism

    Circular Chart Recorder Working Principle:

    All the above components are mounted on a single panel. The chart will be mounted on a flat supporting plate. Curling will be prevented by the use of spring clips. Measuring element may be a helical pressure tube or the like. Levers 'a','b' and 'c' convey motion from the measuring element to the recorder. To obtain best recording light uniform pressure and smooth chart surface are desirable. A timing device drives the chart at a uniform rate. To get the best results the pen is to be accurately fixed and locked. The block diagram of circular chart recorder is shown in figure.

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